Friday, April 5, 2019

The Vote

Across the Metro voters didn't exactly turn out in droves, even in contested races like Mayor in Kansas City (19% of registered voters).  I'll pass along the turnout in WL, but it looks to be half of what we have when there is a contested position.

Another interesting fact...while the Jail Tax got slammed throughout the County (62% NO, 38% YES), Weatherby Lake came the closest to giving a win to the tax in the County...54% NO, 46%, YES.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Election Success

The unofficial results are in...two of the three WL candidates for road districts were victorious!

Alan York is now the new Commissioner-elect for the Platte City Special Road District, winning over William Brown, 1,330 to 1,268.

John Cookinham won over Archie Adkinson, 2,014 to 992, in the Parkville Special Road District for a one year term.

Weatherby Lakean Gary Gulden lost to Steve Hevalow, 1,953 to 774 for the other open seat in Parkville Special.  Not a total surprise, the Hevalow name in Parkville is well known.  I do appreciate Gary's decision to run and hope that he would consider another in the future.

Huge kudos to Mayor Steve Clark.  He recruited the candidates to run...all three excellent.  To my knowledge, we have never had three simultaneous candidates and never had a citizen on either District (if you have been here longer than 20 years and know different please let me know).

My guess is Alan and John will be getting acclimated to the policies/procedures/inner workings of the Districts and be able to shed a light on two entities that basically operate out of view of the taxpayers.  A good thing right?

Next post...Jail Bait...the big-time defeat of the Jail tax proposal.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Jail Break/Brake

The County Commissioners have run into a bit of a buzz saw on their ballot proposal for a new jail.  The Platte County Dems voted NO to endorse the tax, and the Republicans, trying to avoid controversy with their Republican Commissioners, decided to neither endorse or condemn the proposal (a NO vote the way I see it).  The Sheriff's department has been the lead organization in promoting the tax increase, conducting "educational sessions" around the County.  All in all a rather botched attempt...wouldn't you say?  The Commissioners may need a mulligan on this one.  I don't see the proposal passing, so expect a do-over

You have at least three reasons to vote tomorrow...School Board, Jail Tax and Road Districts (if you live in a Road District that has an election).

York for Platte City Roads
Cookingham and Gulden for Parkville Road District 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Weatherby Lake has the distinction of being the only municipality in Platte County to be part of three Special Road Districts...

  • Platte City Special Road
  • Parkville Special Road
  • Platte County Special Road
Next Tuesday some of you will be able to vote for a Commissioner for your respective district, and for the first time in very long time, Weatherby Lake has candidates in the two districts that have terms available (Platte County does not elect Commissioners separately, it is managed by the County Commission).  

Weatherby Lake Candidates:
Platte City Special Road - Alan York

Parkville Special Road - One Year, John Cookingham, Three Year, Gary Gulden

Tax dollars flow to all these Road Districts, it would be nice to have a local input (WL) for the management of the road monies.

How do you find out what District you are in?  Well, your ballot will only indicate the district you are in...but...if you are interested ...

After you put in your address and Enter, look to the right and click on the "View Candidates & Issues" to see your ballot.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Spring Has Sprung

At least I hope so.  If you get energized to work in the yard this, the City will host its annual Spring Yardwaste Depository behind City Hall, March 29/30/31.  Yard waste only, no tires, refrigerators, etc.

Hours of operation-8AM to 5PM