Thursday, April 26, 2018

Shred It

City of Weatherby Lake Electronic Recycling and Pharmaceutical Take-Back Event
Saturday, April 28th
8AM to Noon
Community Center Parking Lot
Documents/statements/receipts/canceled checks
CD/DVD/VCR Players
small kitchen appliances

Unused/expired RX & over the counter meds
no illicit drugs/marijuana/heroin/methamphetamine
no needles

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Road Rage

Hopefully not...but...FYI, 
Milling and Paving on Potomac Ave and Pleasant Ford Rd, may start as early as tomorrow (Monday) morning...keep a sharp eye out and be pavement is coming.

George called many residents on the affected streets to give them a heads up, but if you are not on those streets be forewarned.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Budget Review

Steve continues to review policies and procedures as he shapes up his administration.  Steve and the BOA will meet next week Wednesday (25th) to take another look at this year's budget.  Prudent idea to insure City spending is on track and identify any problem areas going forward.  This is a public meeting, citizens are invited to attend.

  • Wednesday, April 25th
  • 5PM
  • City Hall

Monday, April 16, 2018

Getting With The Program

The Official Unofficial Minutes of the WL BOA
April 11th

The first change the Mayor/Steve has announced/implemented is his approach to the Aldermen and their integration into the operation of the City. 

This has been tried before, but certainly not in the recent past.  The concept is to assign each alderman an area within the City to act as a kind of liason, or as Steve puts it, "collateral duties".

He announced the following assignments for Aldermen:

  • Hoy-Public Works
  • Richmond-Police
  • Footer-Administration Staff, Financial, Communication
  • Finn-Community Engagement
While the Mayor is Chief Administrative Officer and City Staff reports to him, this gives the Aldermen an opportunity to be more fully involved (and aware) of activities in each area.  Some examples of activities include Finn as the City representative to the WLIC and Footer investigating upgrades to the City website and other means of communications to citizens of WL.  This is an evolving concept that will develop over time.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tie One On

The Official Unofficial Minutes of the WL BOA
April 11th

I am on assignment, so a new cub reporter and Anonymous filled in for me providing highlights of Wednesday's BOA monthly meeting.

Steve Clark, pictured with tie, took the reins of the City from Pat Botbyl.  The meeting began with the Mayor's Comments (Botbyl) and the outgoing Board seated (Clark as an Alderman).  Pat thanked many for their support during his terms as Mayor...noticeably absent was any mention of the Aldermen (this was not surprising because of their endorsement of Clark).  The City Clerk, Gwen Cenac, gave official comments regarding Pat's service and presented a bouquet of flowers to his wife, Bernie, for her service to the community and support of the Mayor.

The election results were then noted as certified by Gwen and the new officials were sworn in, Don Hoy, West Side Alderman, Tanya Finn, re-elected East Side Alderman, and Steve Clark, Mayor.

First order of business, election of the Mayor Pro Tem.  Doug Richmond was nominated and elected by his peers for the one year term of Mayor Pro Tem, President of the Board.

Police Chief Davis announced the appointment of officer Donnie Hachman to the position of Deputy Chief of Police. Donnie's wife Cathy assisted in the pinning of her husbands new rank.

Steve (he prefers to be called that rather than Mr Mayor), announced a new approach regarding his interaction with the Aldermen.  More about that in my next post.

All in all, a smooth transition from Botbyl to Clark.  My sense is there is certainly an air of confidence and cooperation among the elected officials, staff and citizens.  Honeymoon? Every administration gets one.  Look for changes and upgrades in how the City is run. 

Good luck Mr Mayor!...I mean Steve.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A New Day

Tonight's BOA meeting marks the beginning of the Clark administration and a new era for the City.  The citizens voted Clark in, the sitting aldermen endorsed to put that positive mojo in action for the City...something I am confident will happen.

So congratulations to the Board and MayorWe have a great little City which can always be a little bit let's do it!